Only Relevant Information Matters: Filtering Out Noisy Samples to Boost RL.
29th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), 2020.

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Temperature Decreases Spread Parameters of the New Covid-19 Case Dynamics.
Biology, 9(5), p.94, 2020.

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MERL: Multi-Head Reinforcement Learning.
Deep Reinforcement Learning Workshop, NeurIPS, 2019.

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High-Dimensional Control Using Generalized Auxiliary Tasks.
Technical Report hal-02295705, 2019.

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Hearables in Hearing Care: Discovering Usage Patterns Through IoT Devices.
International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction, 2017.


Invited Talks

Oral & Panel Discussion: Do we control the algorithms we create?
November, 2019
Improving Policy Gradient Updates with MERL and SAUNA
October, 2019
Deep Reinforcement Learning at Scale
April, 2019
QA and Deep Learning for Language Understanding
November, 2017

Teacher Assistant

Reinforcement Learning - Fall 2019 - MVA - ENS Paris-Saclay

Instructors: Alessandro Lazaric, Matteo Pirotta & Reda Ouhamma

Reinforcement Learning Summer School 2019

Instructors: Felix Berkenkamp, Tristan Cazenave, Ludovic Denoyer, Gabriel Dulac-Arnold, Audrey Durand, Vincent François-Lavet, Matteo Hessel, Emilie Kaufmann, Marc Lanctot, Max Lapan, Alessandro Lazaric, Odalric-Ambrym Maillard, Jérémie Mary, Gerhard Neumann, Guillaume Obozinski, Olivier Pietquin, Bilal Piot, Matteo Pirotta, Bruno Scherrer, Florian Strub, Eleni Vasilaki, Oriol Vinyals